Roeckl Lisboa Swarovski Gloves

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ROECK-Grip, the worlds most popular and unique riding glove, embellished with exclusive, sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The ROECK-Grip is amazingly breathable, fits like a second skin and provides the best possible grip on the reins. Thats why a large number of the worlds elite dressage riders and show jumpers wear these high-performance gloves and win wearing them. Today, the fashion-conscious equestrian can combine ultimate wearing comfort with haute couture.

Glove Sizing:

Horse riding gloves must fit like a second skin, because holding the reins requires high tactile sensitivity. To get the perfect size, measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles in inches - this will reveal your glove size.

*If you do not have a tape measure at your disposal, you can use a piece of string to take the measurement and then determine the length of the string using a ruler.