eQuiPoints Loyalty Program

Equine rewards that keep on giving

equipoints loyalty

We've galloped right in to save you a buck or two!

eQuiPoints is the first of its kind loyalty program fully dedicated to equine enthusiasts in the Middle East region. Now you can earn points with every spend and use points to redeem rewards like special discounts, free product and offers. There are other ways to earn too plus exciting members only benefits.

eQuiPoints FAQ

What is eQuiPoints?

The eQuiPoints program is our way of showing how much we appreciate you – our loyal customers! You can earn points on reviews, purchases, and much more. Points can then be
used to earn discounts toward your future purchases – with options to accumulate more points for better rewards. That means the more points you collect, the more you save!

Who can join?

Anyone can join the eQuiPoints rewards program. Once you create an account, you will be
automatically enrolled in the program. If you are a long time eQuestri customer – your details will already be uploaded in the reward program and you will be able to start earning points immediately.

How do I earn points?

You’ll earn points just for creating an account! After that, you can also earn points by following us on social media, making purchases, writing product reviews, and more. To see all the ways you can earn points, click the “Earn Points” tab in the eQuiPoints menu (located at the bottom right of your screen).

How do I redeem my points?

Select the “Redeem eQuiPoints” tab, located in the eQuiPoints Menu on the website. If you
have enough points, you can claim them for a reward, or you can gather more points to get to the next reward. You will receive a special code to use on your next purchase to apply this reward.

Is there a maximum amount of points that I can earn?

No, the sky's the limit!

Does my eQuiPoints tier ever change?

We don’t have a tiered program, just amazing rewards for every time you spend with us. And the chance to build up your points for bigger prizes.

How do I get points for following on social media?

Simply log in to your account and go to the eQuiPoints dashboard (on the bottom of your screen). Select the tab “Earn Points” and click on any of the social media outlets you wish to follow. Log in to that platform and “like” or follow us! If you already follow us, simply unfollow then follow again to get points for this action.

Can I use my points during checkout?

Your points must first be redeemed for a special code, which can then be applied to your purchase total during checkout.

Are my eQuiPoints valid for the rest of time or do points expire?

eQuiPoints are valid for 18 months, after which they will expire. But don’t worry we will always remind you before they are due to expire.

Where can I report a problem or give feedback?

You can whatsapp on +971529161982 during our business hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM-7 PM Gulf Standard Time. Or you can email us anytime at info@equestri-online.com.

Are my eQuiPoints exchangeable for other discounts or offers or for cash?

No. You cannot use your eQuiPoints for anything other than the amount of discount which can be redeemed on your next purchase.

Are my eQuiPoints refundable?

No. Once you have redeemed points against a purchase, they are non-refundable. Your points are deducted when you purchase but if you wish to return or cancel an order your points will not be refunded.

How do I leave the program?

If you no longer wish to earn points, please contact us on info@equestri-online.com to be
disenrolled. Please note that any points accrued will be lost, and will no longer available should you decide to enroll again.