Brand - Premier Equine

eQuestri exclusively brings you the globally recognised Premier Equine brand of premium quality and technically advanced equestrian products. PEI is at the forefront of innovation, technology and protection in the equine sector. A global leader in fly prevention, horse leg protection and injury prevention products for horses.

Along with offering excellent value for money, the Premier Equine range of equestrian products have been designed to last which helps to combat the “disposable” and “throwaway” culture that can often surround the equestrian industry, fuelled by poorly made products. Another reason we love this brand is for their commitment to the environment and eco-friendly practices: by creating products that last longer, and by using less disposable plastics - most product lines are packaged in complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bags.

The new range of horse riding tights and lightweight breeches has been designed specifically with the harsher Middle East climate in mind. The PEI clothing range all feature brilliant moisture wicking properties to keep you cooler and more comfortable, even when the hot weather is not on our side.

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