Look no further for the widest selection of horse riding girths to suit your saddle. eQuestri brings a range of leather, synthetic and sheepskin girths. All our girths have been tried and tested to ensure the best quality girths to suit your saddle in whichever discipline and for a range of styles of horse saddles. Girths are made out of a variety of materials and are available in many types of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, each offering unique benefits to the horse.

We also offer a range of anatomic girths within our excellent range, which are shaped to help provide less restriction and therefore more comfort around the horse's front legs. Stud girths, elasticated girths and dressage girths are also available for discipline specific needs. 

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A properly fitting girth for your horse is essential as it keeps your saddle securely in place and keeps your horse comfortable while working under saddle. Girths are made out of a variety of materials and are available in many types of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, each offering unique benefits to the horse. The right types of girths for your horse will depend on how your horse moves, what skin sensitivity your horse has in the girthing area, allergies to certain textiles and how much your horse sweats during work. To browse the widest selection of horse riding girths online available in the UAE you have come to the right place.

Frequently asked questions about girths:

  1. What are the Top Tips for fitting a new girth?
  2. What different types of girths are there?
  3. What girth accessories are available for girths?

Top Tips for the Perfect Girth for your Horse:

  • If your girth is the correct girth length, you should be able to tighten it to the same billet hole on your billet leather on each side of your horse, this applies whether you use a long general purpose or jumping girth, a stud girth or a short, dressage style girth.
  • Some horses will blow their tummy’s out when they are being tacked up, so you need to take this into account when doing up your girth or trying a girth on for size. Account for at least 2-3 holes extra for when your horse starts moving and sucks their tummy back in.
  • Remember that different saddles will fit your horse differently and could have different billet strap lengths, so you may need to change your girth size if you change your saddle. And you horses girth size may not be the same if you have two saddles from different brands.
  • If you want to buy a new girth and you measure the girth length from an older, used girth to find the size you need to account for the fact that the old girth could have stretched. So you might need to go a size smaller for the new girth.
  • Some horses who are “girthy” or are getting rough sections along their girthing area with a leather girth could be more comfortable in a sheepskin or fleece-lined girth or you can try a fleece cover over your leather girth.

What different girths are there? 

The most important aspect about the shape and material of your girth is that it works well with your horse’s unique conformation, movement, and skin to distribute pressure evenly along his barrel. The various materials used to make girths offer unique benefits to the horse and rider, affect price, and even solve problems. You’ll need to consider these factors as you make your girth selection.

Some girths have built-in belly guards appropriate for jumpers. The belly guards protect the horse from being injured from shoe studs while its hooves are tucked up tightly over jumps. Others have built-in rings for training aids.

Elastic ends are another feature designed for comfort and for ease of use. Some older, traditional types of girths do not incorporate elastic into their design, but most girths have elastic on at least one end. Elastic ends make the girth fastening process easier, and provide some flexibility and comfort for the horse as his ribcage moves during exercise. Some dressage girths have built-in elastic panels rather than elastic ends.

Leather Girths: like Pandino Anatomical Leather Girth and Tamarro Anatomical Dressage Girth. Choose leather for the most traditional look. They are easy to care for, and quality leather girths become softer and more luxurious with use and proper care (using leather cleaner and conditioning). This type of girth may have elastic on one or both ends, and can be found in straight or with contoured shapes to give them a more anatomical shape.

Neoprene Girths: like this neoprene dressage girth and the Greylock All Purpose Girth are popular for their easy care and affordability. Some riders choose this type of girth when they’ve had slipping problems with a leather girth. Neoprene girths are typically wide and have elastic ends so they offer a good amount of comfort for horses. They’re easy to clean with gentle soap and water. Be aware that some horses can be allergic to neoprene.

Synthetic Girths: like the bestselling Dakota girth range come in All-Purpose style and in a shorter Dressage girth style. This type of girth is popular because of its affordability, durability, and easy care. The synthetic girths sold on eQuestri are offered in contoured styles and are easy to clean with soap and water.

Genuine Wool or Synthetic Fleece-lined Girths: just like the bestselling Harleigh Genuine Lambskin Dressage Girth and the latest Harleigh All Purpose Girth or even the fleece lined girths in uae like this general purpose fleece lined girth and this fleece lined stud girth. Genuine wool or synthetic fleece are designed to help horses who need a soft surface against their skin. Genuine wool lining has the added benefit of helping to wick sweat away from the horse. A completely synthetic-lined girth can be hand or machine-washed on gentle cycle and hung to dry. 

Webbing or Fabric Girths: like this Padded Nylon girth are often selected for the horses preference and also for their affordable price, especially in the case where a horse has an adverse reaction to synthetic or leather girths. This simple type of girth can be machine or hand-washed in cool temperatures and hung to dry.

What girth accessories are available for girths?

Girth accessories are optional add on items which can be added to girths to help make them better or improve their efficacy. Some of the most common girth accessories are:

Girth Extender - This is a temporary solution that can be used to lengthen a girth that is too short for your horse. Ideally, because of the bulk girth extenders create, a longer girth should eventually replace the need for a girth extender.

Girth Buckle Guard - This is a piece of leather with holes for the billets to slide through - most saddles will have this built in. The buckle guard protects the underside of your saddle flap from friction and wear produced by the girth buckles.

Girth Covers - similar to lined girths, girth covers exist to solve any issues you may be having with your girth - and example is this sheepskin girth cover. They are designed to offer some relief along the horses girth line where there might be rubbing or friction from the girth that causes girth galls or other sensitivities. If you need to use a girth cover it is really important to keep it clean to ensure it stays soft and provides the horse with the relief it needs. Girth covers can also come in more affordable materials like this synthetic girth cover.

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