Brand - Simple Systems

Simple System Ltd was founded by Jane van Lennep and Tim and Sue Warren in 1996. It is based on a system of feeding Jane has been developing since 1973. The company stands by its principle of Simple Equine Nutrition – Responsible Equine Management. We aim to help you work with your horse’s unique digestive system. We believe in feeding horses on good quality forages, such as dried lucerne and flash dried grass, thus providing the nutritional benefits of spring and summer grazing, all year. Locally produced and milled linseed in appropriate complementary feeds enables us to meet the additional requirements of work and performance. Switching to grain in the winter or for work is inappropriate for the horse as it produces so little amylase, the enzyme which digests starch. We cannot give our horses endless plains to roam, but we can help in a small way by feeding them the forages they are so well designed to eat. In return, they are better nourished, more settled and healthier.

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